Superhero Armor

The Chip’s body armor is made of the same impenetrable brand of metal that the military used to create its latest models of fighter planes. It is an imposing, android-like shell, and exactly what is needed to keep a vulnerable, human heart safe.
The suit shines like the chrome of a brand new hubcap. Its silver color is accented with black and green. It is vented at each of the shoulders, on the side of the ribcage, on the outside of each of the calves and on the arm itself.
There is a fan facing forward out of each of the shoulder, and one on the outside of each of the suit’s feet. These fans resembled nothing more than fans that cool off a home computer, yet they are a million times more powerful. Green tubing connecting the fans to the vents to ensure adequate cooling of the suit’s CPU.

  The eye slots are long, thin and rectangular. The chip would be able to open and close them at will. The helmet didn’t have nose or mouth holes, in order to protect Stanley’s ability to breathe in only safe air. But on the right temple a flash light and on the left a laser beam shooter. Located on the top of the helmet is a miniature solar panel as a power source. The metal mesh which resembled a rugged snakeskin hugged his vocal cords and is able to transmit the sound of his voice through sensors and microscopic microphones. This rugged like snakeskin also allow his neck to move freely. The suit utilized the most modern of interactive technology. It is wired throughout with electrical tracking components. 
  There is a small, black camera securely positioned in the breastplate, resembling the camera on a cell phone but with much more profound capabilities.
The black metal belt that circled the suit’s waist contain the complete armor.
The armor combines Stealth with vertical landing and takeoff. The fan’s propulsion system combine with the inner workings of the suit’s system swivel the flaps downward, deflecting the thrust towards the ground.
  The two ankle fan also becomes engage thus providing lateral stability in flight. This 21st century armor, when fully optimized can execute a vertical takeoff, level supersonic dash and a vertical landing in a single flight. The shock absorbing rubber boots will ensure a soft landing.