The Chip's Story

Stanley Ross Before he became the Chip: 

During his childhood Stanley Ross was considered “special needs”. Ownership of the technology that could possible help Stanley became a point of contention between Stanley’s uncle, Jeffery Ross and his former boss a very devious and influential research Doctor named, Donald Warren.


Pulled out of his everyday life by tragedy and treachery Stanley must learn to survive in the cruel world he finds himself in- a world control by Dr. Warren.




After seven years of being poked and prodded, tested and tormented in an attempt to turn his misfortune into the good fortune of others Stanley escaped. 




The Transformation:

Aided by his uncle years of cybernetics research Stanley was able to unleash his full potential. 


Dr. Donad Warren:                  

The primary antagonist of Stanley Ross, a.k.a. Chip, is one Dr. Donald Warren; a man who'll stop at nothing to regain what he believes is rightfully his. Like all real 'villains' of our world, if you had a conversation with Dr. Warren, you would meet a man who believes everything he's done has been in the right and thus operates in the open, hiding in plain sight. And you couldn't believe what he is capable of behind closed doors... After Stanley's escaped from Warren's grip, he hired agents to recapture him quickly. The hunt was on!!

Strong Arms:                     

Having alien origins, Strong Arms looks like a Neanderthal with humanoid features. What's most striking about this transhuman is his appearance, aside from his colossal arms, is the fact that half of his body is mechanized. Strong Arms {S.A} was made by a deranged scientist for his evil purposes. Created to destroy, he can throw his wrecking ball arms out of their sockets to demolish anything in his path.


 Claudia Torres:  Virus     

Meet the beautiful but deadly Claudia Torres who is also known as the Virus. Claudia is the daughter of Luis Torres, one of the wealthiest real estate developers in New York City. She used to be a young and ambitious girl who worked in the district attorney's office. After being kidnapped by a corrupt police chief whom she trusted, Claudia was never the same again. As the Virus, she became a vicious and malicious villain who forgot what it's like to be a kind and friendly person. Her abilities include ripping through metal with her razor sharp claws and paralyzing opponents with special retractable wires from her belt. 


Genius Psycho Killer: Synergy   

Synergy has the brilliance of Albert Einstein and the rage of a thousand serial killers. Also of alien origin, he has the ability to electrocute his enemies and shoot lasers from his eyes. He is agile, very wild, aggressive and strikes without provocation.

Follow this adventure, uncover the many plots that surrounds this 21st century hero with Super abilities.



All characters in this work are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.