The World Needs You: How to Create A Superhero People Love

Did you know over half of the highest-grossing movies of all time are superhero movies? There are always new characters being invented for the big screen. 

Have you ever thought about whether you could create the next Superman or Black Panther? Follow our tips to learn how to create a superhero fit for the 21st century. 

Here we go!

  1. Choose a Superpower

Can your superhero fly among the birds? Or, does your superhero have super strength?

The superpower is an important part of any superhero's character. You need to come up with something unique which excites audiences. 

Decide whether your superhero has supernatural powers, like Superman, or depends on technology and wealth, like Batman, to defeat baddies. 

  1. Choose a Weakness

To create a backstory around your superhero character, you're going to need a weakness or flaw. 

Of course, famously, Superman's weakness is kryptonite whereas Spiderman's vulnerability is his love for Mary Jane. 

If fans know your superhero can never be defeated, they'll soon get bored. 

  1. Name Your Superhero

Now you know the superpower and weakness of your superhero, so it's time to come up with a name for your character.

The name may be reflective of the superpower, like Spiderman's spider-like abilities. Or, like Deadpool, it can just be a funny and random name related to the back story of the character. 

Make sure it's unique!

The old style of naming the character "something" man (such as Ironman or Batman) is out-dated. Go with something fresh. 

  1. Design Your Costume 

It's costume time! 

The style and colors of your character's costume need to be appropriate for the superpower. For example, if your superhero can fly, then your costume may need wings. 

Also, consider the use of color carefully. Darker colors, such as black, are usually associated with evil, and white often represents innocence and goodness. 

  1. Pick a Back Story

Every superhero has to have a back story. What did your superhero do before he or she became a hero? How did they become a hero?

Your character could have experienced a tragedy or become inspired by a particular cause. 

You may also want to consider how the rest of the community sees your superhero? Do they like your character, or is he or she a kind of anti-hero?

If you're struggling with coming up with an intriguing back story, then check out the transformation which happens in Chip's story

  1. Who Is the Arch Enemy?

Every superhero needs an arch enemy. The typical villain in superhero comics is the opposite of your superhero.

What would Spiderman be without the Green Goblin? Imagine Batman without the Joker.

The villain's back story could be related to your superhero. For example, maybe they're half-brothers? 

How to Create a Superhero?

Creating a superhero is fun, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

You need to come up with something unique and exciting that can create a buzz among fans.

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