The Iconic Sneaker: Why High Tops Never Go out of Style

Sneakers come in all varieties but there is one iconic shoe that will never go out of style. High Tops and why you need a pair.

You've probably seen old photos of your parents or older cousins wearing high top sneakers. And you think to yourself: "Could I pull them off?" They're basically trainers with an effortless style that gives them an edge and timeless versatility.

There's arguably no sneaker that has many styles as the high top variety. They come in plenty of designs for every kind of style, which is one of the reasons it's embraced by consumers since the '80s.

On top of their style, high tops offer comfort and practicality. So honestly, what more could you as for from a pair of shoes? It's no surprise that you'll find people wearing them everywhere they go.

Think weddings, shopping trips, formal dinners, and even dates. So why not break down all the reasons high-top sneakers are the ultimate signature show? 

High Tops Generation 

If we begin to embrace the influence these shoes have had on fashion we'd have to go back to '20s and remember the famous Adidas. After becoming the most popular athletic shoe in the world, kids began wearing them as fashion statements 30 years later. Wanna catch the fad on screen? James Dean made the sneaker even more popular after wearing them for the movie Rebel Without A Cause

Now fast forward to today, and you'll see companies like Reeboks, Adidas and Nike come up with fine, stylish high top sneakers coined as 'athleisure' apparel. Imagine owning a pair of high tops and getting creative in front of the mirror. They turn a basic outfit into a great one.

It's undeniable that high tops may take you back to the '80s when fashion's mantra was "the bigger, the better." Converse All-Stars, for example, came up with the extra fabric with the intention to protect athletes from getting injuries. Little did the company know that the style would break boundaries of use and be revived in the '90s fashion as the way to go. 

Why We Love Them 

Despite the hight top's retro vibe, the shoe continues to up their game with more unique looks to choose from. The model is pretty simple: a high upper, that straps the ankle into place.

After that, you just have a million options of limited-edition colorways, retro releases, and modified lines. Retailers offer a variety of models that can even inspire you to start building your own collection! 

It's obvious that high top sneakers will always be a classic staple when it comes to footwear. And even if they may seem intimidating at first try them on! They're effortless, easy to wear, popular among teenagers, and just plain cool. 

More Than Footwear 

For most people, shoes are about comfort and style. But it's also a fashion statement, and a model like the high tops has allowed expression in a way that preserves uniqueness without abandoning the innovation and technology behind one of the most cushioning shoes out there.

If you're considering a new addition to your closet make sure you check out our collection by clicking here. And when you get the pair of your choice go ahead and make a run for it! 



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