Superheros Explained: 7 of the Most Powerful Superheroes

Superheros Explained: 7 of the Most Powerful Superheroes

 Did you know that the most successful Marvel movie as of the moment is Avengers: Infinity War? After all, it earned around $2.04 billion worldwide. Marvel’s box office revenue for all its film is at $17 billion.

It goes to show how popular superheroes are nowadays. Gone is the era where only comic book aficionados could identify characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy or Aquaman.

But when it comes to the comic book universe, popularity doesn’t always equate to power.

A lot of people debate who are the most powerful superheroes around. While most people argue between Marvel and DC characters, you can count on our very own character, The Chip, to get you a gripping sci-fi experience.

Do you want to know the most powerful superhero in the comic book history? Read on and find out.

  1. Superman

This superhero stands at the apex of the superhero list. A lot of people agree that he’s one of the most important superheroes around. He reflects everyone’s potential to do greatness — a beacon of light and the hope of the innocent.

A lot of studies even prove that posing like Superman makes you feel like a superhero.

  1. Batman

Running at a close second is Batman, the world’s greatest detective, and premier martial artist. He’s the only human who can stand amongst the Justice League. He stands beside Wonder Woman and Superman without any powers.

Batman took down monsters, aliens, terrorists, and other supervillains. He even took down Superman at one point. His only flaw is that he lacks self-satisfaction.

  1. Spider-Man

Compared to the first two, Peter Parker is more relatable. He’s the common person endowed with amazing spiders. With this, people can still relate to the woes he experiences as a middle-class citizen despite his cool powers.

Despite all his mistakes, Spider-Man remains as the snarkiest and funniest heroes in comic book history. He has his cheesy combat banter, making light of the direst situations.

  1. Wolverine

This hero earned his massive popularity for a reason. He excels at what he does, meaning he stabs bad guys with deadly efficiency. He’s a busy fellow, appearing in almost all the major Avengers and X-Men comics.

  1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman became the iconic figure for female empowerment. Aside from that, she represents peace and love. She’s a cunning warrior, but her true strength lies in her convictions.

Even her weapon of choice is the Lasso of Truth — a legendary weapon that elicits the truth from its captives.

  1. Captain America

He’s the hero a lot of Marvel superheroes aspire to be.

He stands for all that’s good and righteous without compromising. That’s why he’s one of the best superheroes who spearheads the Avengers’ battle cry.

  1. Green Lantern

Hal Jordan represents the perfect Green Lantern of having “No Fear.” He’s one of the few heroes from the DC universe that doesn’t compromise with Batman’s ways.

Even with his previous misgivings, he redeemed himself and got resurrected afterwards.

Learn the Most Powerful Superheroes Today!

There are a lot of heroes that inspire us to be the best we can be. Whether you stick with the most powerful superheroes or the more obscure ones, you can find someone to relate with.

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