A Superhero's Favorite Superpower: 5 Classic Superhero Powers

There's no denying that superheroes are incredible.

Between their unique powers and incredible strength, these larger than life characters provide both entertainment and inspiration.

The coolest part about being a superhero is the superpowers!

Now, all superheroes aren't created equal, but they all have pretty cool powers that make them unique. Check out these five classic superhero powers you'll wish you had.

1. Elemental Control

Elemental control is the ability to control the elements. Think fire and ice or the ability to control the weather itself. 

Thor, the god of thunder, controls the weather. He uses these powers to protect the world. 

Another superhero that has the ability to control the elements is Storm. Storm controls the wind, rain, and more. She can direct lightning at her enemies and even create wind so that she can fly!

2. Super Strength

When you think of superheroes, I bet you think of super strength. Superheroes that are known for their immense strength include Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man. 

So what constitutes as superhuman strength? 

  • The ability to lift gigantic objects with ease
  • Throw massive objects easily
  • The ability to break through barriers

Characters with super strength are much stronger than normal, especially for their stature.

3. X-Ray Vision

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to be your own superhero and have x-ray vision? What if you could see through walls like Superman? Pretty incredible, huh?

Others that can see through solid matter are Olga Mesmer and Ultra Boy. 

It's important to note that x-ray vision isn't always x-radiation in the literal sense. As well all know, large amounts of radiation is dangerous to humans, so superheroes don't go around regularly throwing out radiation. Instead, certain matters are made transparent so that our favorite heroes can see through them.

4. Shapeshifting

Superheroes that shapeshift can alter their appearance. This could mean changing into animals, other people, or even objects. Heroes that have the ability to shapeshift include Chameleon Boy, Metamorpho, and Ms. Marvel.

Shapeshifting is one of the seventeen superpowers of Baby Jack-Jack of the Incredibles family. He's able to alter his shape as well as change his mannerisms and face by imitating other people.

5. Ability to Fly

When asking yourself "what is the best superpower," you can't forget to put flying on the list. So many cool superheroes can fly: Superman, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, and Storm to name a few.

The ability to fly allows superheroes to save people quicker. Add in the super speed that comes with flying; these heroes are unstoppable.

What Superhero Powers Do You Wish You Had?

There are so many incredible superhero powers. These cool superpowers allow the hero to win battles and save lives. From Superman to Wolverine, the world is never at a loss of heroes with the best superpowers. 

Do you love superheroes? If so, check out this post about seven of the most powerful superheroes around!


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