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The search for a cure

Stanley Ross was born to happy parents James and Jane. James owned and operated his family’s hardware store and his brother Jeff, was what one might call a mad scientist. Jeff was working on a secret project involving cybernetic research. The purpose of the project and research was to create implants that could be used to replace parts of the brain when they failed. Imagine using this technology to repair brain cells or major parts of the brain and possibly cure diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson's

The Chip's story begins...

When Stanley was born life seemed perfect at least until the day he started to develop some strange habits or what some might call “superpowers”. Pulled out of his everyday life by tragedy and treachery he must learn to survive in the cruel world he finds himself in.

Frighten, confused yet intrigued Stanley meet Dr. Warren and enters into this whole new world. A world where he becomes the subject of lab testing at the same time, however, he finds one benefit amid the horror: The implants he was given allow him control over his powers.

Book 2 coming soon!!

A society plagued by terrorism and the sinister hunt for an innocent boy intensifies.

After the transformation of Stanley into The Chip, some new challenges come as he tirelessly fights villains in the real and virtual world. Aside from fighting off Warren’s minions, he also confronts a monster fit for destruction, created at the hands of a madman, battles the beautiful but the deadly Virus, and protects our world made vulnerable by technology.

Aided by his uncle’s years of cybernetics research, Stanley Ross, aka the Chip, has a good chance of bringing order to a society in chaos.